Meaning of life

Offline enigma enigma ɪˈnɪɡmə/ noun a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand. offline ɒfˈlʌɪn/ adjective 1. not controlled by or directly connected to a computer or the Internet. Then why is it that everyone is a mystery and that we live in the world of technology?  why am I the only … Continue reading Meaning of life


The anagram of life can be file. Your life is put in to little files of memories. Memories that you’ll want to keep, or want to delete. And an anagram for memories could be memorise, but it doesnt quite fit because it’s spelt Memorize. It’s the same with folders, too big, too small or they … Continue reading Anagrams

Sweary links #6

Originally posted on Strong Language:
For your weekend reading pleasure, a bumper batch of sweary shit from around the internet. You may have seen some of these items before, especially if you follow @stronglang on Twitter, but I bet there’s something new here even to devotees. Romance writer KJ Charles has a great defence (and… Continue reading Sweary links #6